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Our Mission

The mission of Santa Barbara Eastside Society is to build civic engagement with its residents, businesses, and youth, and to promote cultural events, health, safety, education, and beautification of neighborhoods where everyone can live, work and prosper.

The goals and objectives of the Santa Barbara Eastside Society are achieved by collaborating with our community and partnering with other non-profit and government organizations.

Who we are

The Santa Barbara Eastside Society (SBES) is a non-profit organization that works for the benefit of the Eastside community.  Board members volunteer their time and effort to organize and work community activities that enhance the culture, environment, health and beauty of the Eastside area.  Our tagline is Community First.  All donations and subscriptions received from the public are used to cover expenses such as parade permits, insurance, announcements, rental equipment and the website.  Our monthly meetings are open to the public.


We trust that you or your organization will participate in some of our upcoming events, and we hope you become a subscribed member of our website.  The SBES board wants to see the new website used by the community in a creative and constructive way by encouraging businesses and individuals to view announcements, discuss local issues, post comments and participate in upcoming events. 

What all we do

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